Welcome at Bridges2Beyond!

Our passion is building bridges to "beyond' for organisations, as our name expresses. "Beyond" can be stretching for the organisation (a new strategy, a better organisation or innovation) or for all of society (disruptive technologies, the transition to a sustainable society, etc.). Building bridges is needed within the organisation to raise a broad support for initiatives; also with third parties outside of the organisation bridges are often required to realise your strategic initiatives. Doing this both from content and process wise is what we stand for. We help you cross that famous “extra mile”!

Changing is for organisations often a challenge. The way we see things, we are in the middle of a change of eras that will drastically change our way of entrepreneurship. The continuing financial crisis has causes that reach much deeper, disruptive technologies race on in their development and sustainability continues to grow its impact. Such a fundamental change of the rules of the game -valid since WW2- presents opportunities as well as uncertainty.

From experience of many years' standing with these themes, with management consultancy services and with entrepreneurship Bridges2Beyond jointly with you and your organisation, builds bridges to these unknown futures beyond. Our experience you will recognise as a solid way of working in your projects with us. We'd be pleased to explain further when you contact us!