Program management and project leadership...

... are more demanding within our themes than with the average project. They often involve far reaching changes and demand the development of new units or networks. Uncertainty rules, the scope is broader than usual within your organisation, the exact direction likely is yet unclear and sustaining commitment is of utmost importance. Often a change of behaviour and culture is relevant.

By developing a clear vision/strategy and where needed business cases, we create a business focus within programs and projects. Strong execution and implementation with space for inspiration and integral change is our distinguishing mark. Managing on timelines is important without losing sight of strategic goals. In any event: Adequately directed execution requires attention and experience!

From our extensive experience we can temporarily reinforce your organisation to configure these challenging projects. In many different contexts we have managed very diverse programs. Where needed we integrate the transfer of knowledge or third parties with program management and project leadership. One of our starting points is that -to be successful with changes- we maintain a balance between content (eg. technology, processes) and the process of change (behaviour, commitment and decision making).

We'd be pleased to explain our approach further in a personal contact!